arca case labeller

background imageArca Case Labeller
This direct thermal label applicator for case and pallet identification consolidates our commitment to providing a linerless labelling solution throughout the entire packaging process. The environmental and financial advantages of this approach are significant as there is no endless,wasteful, non-recyclable backing paper to
dispose of.

The Case Labeller prints and applies a white linerless label in one automatic, high-speed operation giving real time management of variable data, specific to each package. This provides immediate variation of label graphics without additional costs and "printing queue"
The label position on the target is variable and mechanically determined whereas the minimum and maximum size of useable labels and the available printing area varies with the specific digital print module and vacuum pad that have been installed.

The Case Labeller is ready for RFid chipped labels. It can also be equipped with a pneumatic applicator and a digital module for thermal transfer/direct thermal label printing. An optional nearing-end-of-reel optical control can also be installed.
height mm
width mm
Pack height
Power Supply
400 80 - 180* 230/50 0.4
uses single phase power n.b. air supply for optional printer. *up to & including