The system uses patented Cold Seal technology that completely removes the need for expensive and inefficient heat sealers.

Its individual seals can be applied manually or using an automatic seal applicator, which holds up to 1,000 seals.

The automatic sealer can be used with all types of blisters and requires no change to the machine settings when changing from one blister type to another.

The sealed blister is tamper evident, has high vapour barrier properties and is easy to dispense.

Nobac intercept seals give you maximum performance at an affordable price.


Max. Web Width; 100mm Max.
Label Length; 200mm
Label Reel Size; 240mm
O.D.Reel Core Size; 44mm or 76mm
Label Gap; 0.5mm minimum
Label Material; any self-adhesive material Max. Labelling Speed; 400 labels/min
Max. Linear Speed; 30 metres/min
Sensing Options; photo-electric, proximity Drive System; Hyper Drive
Power Supply; 240v 50Hz