nobac 500t

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The nobac 500 twin sleever is the latest addition to the successful Nobac 500 range, building on today's retailers and packers requirements for higher speeds, less downtime and quicker product changes. In addition to the standard machine the twin-head enables continuous operation by virtue of having two labelling heads in line. At any time it is possible to swap between heads, enabling reloading of label reels or thermal printer ribbon on the unused head. An extra benefit is that it is possible to make ready the label for the next product to be produced.
Safety is ensured by two independent covers
height mm
width mm
Pack height
Power Supply
500 130 120* 150* 240/50 0.6
uses single phase power n.b. air supply for optional printer. *up to & including
for the label-cutting and feeding mechanisms whilst still permitting the packs to pass through the machine for labelling on one of the heads. A touchscreen main control panel simplifies operation with a simple remote panel for the second head.