Sustainability Statement

The Ravenwood Sustainability Statement

As a leading UK manufacturing company, Ravenwood is dedicated to sustainable practices and adopts these throughout business operations where possible. We are focused on forging a strong workforce that share a great work ethic and passion in maintaining and building a stable future for the company. We constantly strive to provide solutions that enhance the safety of our products and working environment of our employees. We partner with many high profile organisations for the distribution of our machinery and technology, and for the responsible sourcing of linerless materials.

Managing Director and Founder: Paul Beamish

Linerless Landscape

Ravenwood is actively helping to reduce the packaging and labelling industry’s carbon footprint – linerless is paving a green path. Our paper and card goes from the mill to the printer. No expensive conversion is needed, adding a siliconised liner paper which is high in energy as well as cost. This means less transport is required making fewer journeys. And that’s not just in the UK, but on a global scale. Release liner is a waste product specific to this sector. Eliminating the liner and the silicone reduces waste sent to landfill. In 2017, Ravenwood’s Linerless Labelling System eliminated the need for the production of over 2500 metric tonnes of siliconised liner around the world. This also saves on all the energy required to co-produce it but also the cost of transportation to the convertor and the printer. Pressure is mounting to reduce waste across all industries and sectors and linerless offers an eco-friendly efficient replacement for traditional self-adhesive labels and cardboard sleeves.

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Ravenwood Sustainability Statement