8th June 2020

We are experiencing much unrest across the world, not only with Covid-19 but with many protests raging a war as well. The riots are particularly unsettling, let’s hope that life will soon show signs of returning to what some are saying, ‘a new kind or normal.’

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to be eased, sales and enquiries for our linerless technology, and vision systems, are ever-increasing. Ravenwood has had another excellent week in terms of sales.

This week alone, we have sold two Nobac 5000 machines; one to Scotland and one to Ireland. We have also shipped out our very first Nobac 5000 machines with one to Chile and another to Germany. Preloved Nobac 500s and Nobac 5000 sales are on a build timescale for September deliveries. We can also report that spares sales have also been extremely good.

We can report another busy week with of enquiries, with many online meetings, for new prospects in Asia, Canada, Australia and Europe. So all good for laying the groundwork, for securing more sales, going forward.

All departments at Ravenwood are in operation and contactable. Please visit our contacts page if you need to speak to any of us here>

1st June 2020

We would just like to again, extend our thanks to all of our staff members. These last few months have placed extra pressure on all departments and the hard work and dedication of our team is all too apparent. We are thankful to have such a great bunch of people here at Ravenwood. Well done to everyone.

Last week, was yet another busy week at Ravenwood. Morph, our Preloved Manager, Engineers Ian and Dan, and James Read, our VXR Product Manager, have all been working hard in meeting build timescales for an order placed by a major UK customer. Seven Nobac 5000 machines and seven Vision systems are now ready. Great team work guys.

We have also received an order for five, Nobac 5000 machines, for another UK customer.

Our rental fleet is ready and waiting should you need extra assistance at this time.

All departments at Ravenwood are in operation and contactable. Please visit our contacts page if you need to speak to any of us here>

22nd May 2020

Covid-19 is painting a very different picture globally. Africa has reached 100,000 cases with the added menace of flooding and locust swarms, whilst Spain is experiencing its lowest death toll in over two months. The UK’s coronavirus R number – speed of infection – has remained the same for the second week. Until last week, the R number had stayed well below one, which Boris Johnson said it needed to so lockdown could be eased. Australia has also recorded just six new coronavirus cases almost a week after lockdown measures were eased across all states.

Ravenwood continues to support the food supply chain in the supply of it’s  Nobac 5000 linerless sleevers and Nobac 500 Preloved range. Our rental fleet has also been working very hard in supporting food manufacturers needing additional assistance at this time.

Again, we have had another fantastic week in terms of sales and enquiries. Broken down by geographical region.

Two Nobac 5000s sold to a skin pack retailer and a Preloved Nobac 500 to Ireland.

One Nobac 5000 sold to France.

One Nobac 5000 sold to a meat producer and a Preloved Nobac 500 to a seafood producer.

Our US sales team have been busy quoting on a number of projects, costing out 21 Nobac 5000 machines to a company in Canada.
Costs also submitted to a US sausage producer for six Nobac 5000 units.
Interest and costs submitted for a Com500 Coater on the West Coast.

All departments at Ravenwood are in operation and contactable. Please visit our contacts page if you need to speak to any of us here>

27th April 2020

Sales and enquiries at Ravenwood, remain steady. One of our Spanish customers has just ordered their third sleever to date and a customer in France has ordered their first Nobac 5000. And today, we have received an order from a Dutch customer. We give special thanks again, to our key workers; employees in our parts department, machine production, logistics, accounts, engineers and marketing.

Boris Johnson said Britain is winning the first battle against coronavirus, but insisted we must recognise the danger of a second spike. As such, he said there were no immediate plans to lift the lockdown as he addressed the nation this morning on his first day back since recovering from Covid-19. Talking from outside No 10, the Prime Minister said: “If this virus were a physical assailant, an unexpected and invisible mugger – which I can tell you from personal experience, it is – then this is the moment when we have begun together to wrestle it to the floor.” (source: Telegraph.co.uk).

Globally, some countries are now easing strict lockdown conditions as the world continues to tackle the pandemic. As countries weigh up the risk of a fresh wave of virus cases against the need to kick-start their economies, this is obviously a nervous time for all. There were some encouraging signs for Italy as it recorded the lowest 24-hour number of deaths since mid-March, at 260. Seven weeks into a strict lockdown, Premier Giuseppe Conte has laid out plans for getting back to normal. He announced that factories, construction sites and wholesale supply businesses can resume activity as soon as they put safety measures in place against the virus. So we are gradually seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and signs of returning to a kind of normality.

All departments at Ravenwood are in operation and contactable. Please visit our contacts page if you need to speak to any of us here>

Thank you

17th April 2020

Whilst many businesses are suffering under Covid-19, namely airlines, restaurants and the hospitality industry, Ravenwood continues to flourish. We are thankful and extremely grateful that we have been able to carry on with business operations, as we continue to support the food industry. In fact, sales and enquiries are ever-increasing.

We have a major VXR project currently underway with many more in the pipeline. Our VXR system checks for contaminants in food products, food label accuracy and more. Our recently launched Nobac 5000 linerless sleever is also generating much interest. We are currently quoting to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Holland, Germany and Norway. We have also sold a Com500 coater this week.

Some of our staff are now working from home, and many are still based at our HQ in Bury St Edmunds, in the UK. Again, we would like to thank our Key Workers for the dedication and commitment that they have shown, to ensure that operations continue to flow. All departments at Ravenwood have escalated to keep up with demand; sales, machine production, preloved programme, logistics, parts, accounts and marketing, with our Engineers on call 24/7 to fix and maintain all Ravenwood machinery out in the field.

Covid-19 has highlighted our extreme reliance on suppliers based in China. The province of Hubei, where the outbreak originated, is a high-tech manufacturing hub; home to many firms that are highly involved in the automotive, electronics and pharmaceuticals industries. Many countries are now realising how dependent they are on supplies from China with some organisations not having a plan b. Businesses are now being forced to rethink their supply chains.

If you need to reach out and contact us then feel free to give us a call on +44(0)1284 749144 or email us at marketing@ravenwood.co.uk.

Thank you

7th April 2020

We have great admiration for the UK’s food sector, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, as well as our amazing NHS staff who are working tirelessly on the front line. We wish Boris a speedy recovery.

We would also like to thank again, our Key Workers, both at Ravenwood and throughout the food supply chain, ensuring that supermarket shelves remain stocked. Consumer behaviour has changed and many companies have had to rapidly adapt.

At Ravenwood, enquiries are continuing to feed through especially on our new linerless sleever, the Nobac 5000. Since we issued the launch press release just over a week ago, enquiries have been coming in thick and fast and today we sold our very first 5000.

We have also sold one of the last few remaining Nobac 500s to a Spanish company. This was a repeat order for a machine they purchased only 4 weeks ago, due to increased demand resulting from Covid-19. As we are all too aware, food manufacturers are coming under increased pressure to try and keep up with consumer requirements.

We would also like to welcome a new material supplier to our Approved Material Supplier Network, and subsequently a new paper material. YUPO are suppliers of synthetic paper. The new material, YUPO RWU130 has been developed exclusively for Ravenwood to allow our applicators to run at the same high speed on PP white film as paper alternatives.

For more information on our products and services, you can reach us by phone or email us: +44(0)1284 749144 or marketing@ravenwood.co.uk.

Thank you.

1st April 2020

Machine enquiries and sales continue to grow. Subsequently, we are now producing 300,000 linerless labels per hour.

For those that need additional support in meeting extra demand at this time, we have a rental fleet of Nobac 500s.

Please call us today: +44 (0)1284 749144 or email marketing@ravenwood.co.uk

Thank you

25th March 2020

Ravenwood and its ‘Circle of Linerless’ partners are doing their part, in working hard to keep the food supply chain flowing.

The UK is printing 200,000 labels an hour, with ever increasing demand. And our engineers are available when you need us the most.

Our parts department is well stocked and our sales team are on stand by, with a quick turnaround on machine supplies.

The landscape has changed but our commitment remains focussed, on meeting the needs of our customers and distributors at this challenging time.

Thank you.

19th March 2020

The Coronavirus is clearly an evolving situation here in the UK and on a global scale, causing uncertainty for us all.

Ravenwood, as a key supplier of packaging and labelling equipment to the food industry, is monitoring the situation on a daily basis. We are committed to continuously supplying our customers with a full service, for meeting demand within these key areas of the supply chain process. We have a duty of care to all of our customers and employees, and should restrictions escalate, that might compromise certain areas of the business, we will of course, notify you when this happens.

In the meantime, we would like to highlight the positive steps we are taking to combat the spread of the virus within our organisation and off-site:

We would like also like to reassure our customers that measures have been taken to safeguard the supply of our products. We are in regular contact with our suppliers to ensure stock levels keep up with demand. Going forward, the situation will be monitored on a daily basis, and should there be any changes, we will inform you immediately.

On behalf of the team at Ravenwood, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. Ravenwood is committed to providing you with an exceptional service. If you have any questions or concerns, then please reach out to us at any time.

Further updates to be issued in due course.

Kind regards

Paul Beamish
Managing Director

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