The Ravenwood Sustainability Statement

“Ravenwood is dedicated to renewable practices and adopts these throughout business operations where possible. We are focused on forging a strong workforce that share a great work ethic and passion in maintaining and building a stable future for the company. We constantly strive to innovate and develop sustainable technology as well as enhance product safety and the working environment of our employees. We partner with many high profile organisations for the distribution of our machinery and technology, and for the responsible sourcing of linerless materials.”

Managing Director and Founder: Paul Beamish

In terms of linerless, what is Ravenwood already achieving?

How efficient is the Com500 coater?

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What are the main advantages when comparing linerless to self-adhesive?

Production, Storage & Disposal


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What is the Ravenwood ‘Preloved’ Programme?

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Ravenwood also builds and supplies the VXR x-ray inspection system. Can this be linked to the Nobac 5000 sleever?

Yes, when linking to the Nobac 5000 linerless sleever, you’ll not only benefit from sustainable and faultless linerless labels but in addition, unrivalled end-of-line quality control.

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