Nobac Stacker

The Ravenwood Nobac Stacker suits many sectors and product applications, but largely this machine is suited to ‘cottage’ industries that want to opt for a greener type of labelling. The label stacking machine offers the perfect solution for hand applying low volume linerless labels. Ideal for labelling a diverse range of products for general application, and for adding promotional labels at key stages of the product’s life cycle.

  • Cuts and stacks Ravenwood linerless labels.
  • Cutting speeds of 100 labels per minute to a stacked height of 140mm.
  • Great for adding promotional mechanics during a product’s lifecycle.
  • Multiple ‘mock’ packs can be created for showcasing the label and the tray for presentation purposes at the development stage.
  • Useful for label converters, for research and development, and showcasing linerless labels at design stage.
  • Option to offer a linerless ‘cutting and stacking’ service to customers with low volume label runs.
  • Can be useful as a back up machine when demand is high or during Nobac machine downtime.
  • Coding options available for printing fixed and/or variable data.
  • Compact at just under one metre in width.
  • Shares the same consumables as the Nobac series.
  • User-friendly with little training required for safe operation.

Download the Ravenwood Nobac Stacker Flyer

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