Circle of Linerless

Circle of Linerless - Sir Fauxalot
'Sir Fauxalot' is Defender of the Fauxlafels and 'Sovereign of Linerless'

The ‘Circle of Linerless’ is a bond of trust forged over the years with our approved network of suppliers and distributors for the production of faultless linerless labels.

At Ravenwood, we don’t just sell machines, we provide the complete linerless solution. The ‘Circle of Linerless’ is a term coined by Ravenwood to encapsulate our joined-up approach to the whole process.

We build build the Com500 coater to make the labels, the Nobac 500 linerless label applicators to apply them and we work with the raw material suppliers to develop the best substrates, adhesives and silicones to work in a consistent and quality driven manner. Our latest game changing innovation, the VXR®, is the final stage of the process offering end of line quality control. With vision, x-ray and seal detection, means that packs not only feature faultless linerless labels but also food products that are free from contaminants. And our global printer and machine distributors are also experts in their respective fields so you have peace of mind throughout the entire labelling process.

Read our blog update on the Circle of Linerless for further information.

Circle of Linerless
The Ravenwood Circle of Linerless is our joined up approach to the entire process

What is a linerless label?

Linerless labels do not feature backing paper. Eliminating the liner, carries many benefits; less waste, reduced landfill disposal costs and a much reduced carbon footprint. Compared to self-adhesive, linerless labels offer a more environmentally friendly and sustainable process of labelling.