Bespoke Systems

Ravenwood, leading linerless label manufacturers, can build the following standard Nobac 500 applicators. Outside of these variations, the machine specification would be considered as bespoke.

  • Nobac 500 – standard
  • Nobac 500T – twin sleever
  • Nobac 500PP & PP+ up to 70mm above height of tray
  • Nobac 500SP – up to 100mm above height of tray
  • Nobac 500R – ready meal sleever
  • Nobac 500S – salami label sleever
  • Nobac 400V

Standard machines will be supplied if we do not receive specific requirements on time.

Please contact Paul Beamish (UK Sales) or Dave Gooding (Rest of the World) on our Contacts page to discuss your requirements further.

Bespoke Case Study will be featured to this page shortly. So watch this space.

Standard Nobac 500