Vision Inspection System

Our Vision Inspection software will identify and reject errors for detecting faulty labels. The software checks all variable data for ensuring faultless linerless labels, protecting your brand and that of your consumers.

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Product Description

Vision System

  • Identifies and rejects errors, enabling operator-free
    end of line automation.
  • Automatically detects faulty labels: printing errors
    and poor quality print.
  • Analyses multiple label positions, quality and orientation.
  • Checks all printed information: bar codes, use-by
    dates and traceability codes.
Deep Learning

OCR solution – based on established industrial grade software.

  • New module for adding to the Vision Application on the VR and VXR machines.
  • Module uses Deep Learning to analyse the characters in the field of interest.
  • Choice of pre-learned character sets available to rapidly decode many characters.
  • Set up of the Deep Learning OCR field is similar to the conventional set up in the new or edit product screens.
  • Does not require the font to be taught as is the case with conventional OCR for new fonts.
  • On board flash label database for vastly simplifying promotional production.
  • Conventional OCR remains available in the app.
  • New version requires an additional licence and USB dongle to be installed.
  • Also available on new order machines as part of the machine build.
QUOR Quality Management System
  • QUOR allows for product selection and storage of quality data.
  • Products are selected for checking on the QUOR interface.
  • Line quality data is uploaded, captured, stored and reported for analysis, and traceability.
  • Images of all packs produced including rejected packs are recorded and can be retrieved.
  • Retailer compliant KPI reports can be generated at the click of a button.
  • Data is managed securely both on and offsite, via PC based software or QUOR quality management app.


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Product Options

VR Option

  • Vision label
  • Upgradeable

Reject Bin Options

  • Without reject bin (offline solution)
  • With reject bin
  • Enlarged reject bin (ideal for irregular product size)

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