Com 500 Coater

The Com500 coater is designed and manufactured in accordance with Ravenwood’s Linerless Labelling system for coating and producing linerless labels. Read our blog update on Com500 Coater for producing faultless linerless labels.

The Com500 coating machine is the only coating system dedicated to running and delivering high quality Ravenwood linerless labels. Designed to work to the correct specification required for applying labels to food stuffs with applicators that fall under the Ravenwood Nobac 500 machine range.

Call Brian today on (0)1284 749144 to find out more on the Com500 including information on cost and lead times. 

If you are not looking to purchase a machine, then we are also happy to undertake R&D including contract coating at our HQ in Suffolk.

The Com500 is designed and manufactured in the UK to work in accordance with Ravenwood’s Linerless system. The machine is of a modular construction with the ability to apply silicone and hot melt adhesive to pre-printed labels, resulting in a ‘linerless’ label.

  • Simultaneous application of pressure sensitive adhesive and UV curable silicone lacquer
  • Nordson adhesive pre-melting and delivery system allows for to up to 12 slot heads with screw adjustments for glue stripe widths
  • NDC automatic glue weight measurement and reporting system
  • Variable line widths from 3mm to 45mm achieved
  • Slits and rewinds multiple lanes into finished reels, achieved in one pass
  • Coating speeds up to 130 metres per minute
  • Silicone is cured instantly using a GEW Reino UV curing system system analysis and reporting
  • Finished reels are wound on the ‘three shaft turreting system’ to required configuration
  • Erhardt and Leimer web guidance throughout process.

The Com500 system, incorporating an HMI (Human Machine Interface) makes for easy to navigate screens for simple and concise operation. The dashboard controls the number of glue lines, glue weight, meterage on a completed reel including length and tension.

Dimensions:4 metres wide / 2 metres deep / 2.7 metres high
Master reel diameter: 1000 mm
 Finished reel diameter:20-245 metres
Substrate width:500 mm
Automatic control:Schneider PLC
Drive system:Schneider PLC
Electronic components:Schneider PLC
Pneumatic components: SMC
Components:Precision engineered
Software:Machine operating programme for automation and control
Power supply:415/50V/H