Ravenwood was founded in 2004

We are leaders in linerless label technology and experts in the field of pack inspection systems. Our HQ is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with satellite offices located in the USA and Australia. We have a dedicated global network of machinery distributors and printer partners.

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Technologies and machinery

We build, manufacture and supply Nobac linerless applicators, linerless converting equipment and pack inspection systems. We also supply coding and conventional self-adhesive labelling equipment.

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Why Linerless?

Zero Waste Liner to Landfill

Even waste edge trimmings are recyclable

Slash Carbon Emissions

Reduced transportation, labour and strorage costs

Increased Surface Print Area

Feature additional information to the back of the label

In 2018, our linerless technology eliminated the
production of 6,500 tones of liner in the UK

That’s 15,000 Wembley sized football pitches

Meet the Fauxlafel Family

Yes the full history of the Fauxlafel is shrouded in mystery. Many Men of Darwinian Science have
tried and failed to trace the origin of their species. All that is certain is that somewhere in the
mysterious East there is a hidden place where a herd of Fauxlafel roam in splenge isolation.

Our linerless label technology can be found along all major supermarket aisles

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