About Ravenwood

Ravenwood was founded in 2004 by our MD, Paul Beamish, and we employ a team of 40 people (office and field based) with our HQ based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

We build and manufacture three types of machinery; the Nobac 500 Linerless Applicator range, Com500 Coater and VXR X-ray Inspection System. Our machinery is mostly supplied in to the food labelling and packaging sector.

The Nobac 500 is our flagship linerless applicator and over the years, we have developed many variants for applying a multitude of different linerless label formats. The latest addition to our linerless applicator range is our Nobac Stacker. View further information on the ‘Stacker’ here and view the full Nobac machine range here>

Linerless labels do not feature backing paper. Eliminating the liner, carries many benefits; less waste, reduced landfill disposal costs and a much reduced carbon footprint. Compared to self-adhesive, linerless offers a more environmentally friendly and sustainable process of labelling.

Our Com500 Coater is designed and manufactured in the UK to work in accordance with Ravenwoods’ Linerless system. The primary purpose of the machine is to apply silicone and hot melt adhesive to pre-printed labels, therefore resulting in a ‘linerless’ label. Find out more on our Com500 here>

And last but certainly not least, is our VXR system. The VXR can be linked to our Nobac 500 machinery with the key functionality of identifying and rejecting food trays that are seen to contain errors. Vision inspection and ‘Sapphire’ carbon nanotube field emission technology will resolve these issues. ‘Sapphire’ is a leading technology in the field of x-ray, boasting low energy, high speeds and resolution for unparalleled performance. The VXR is the ‘end of line solution provider’. Read more on the VXR and the various options here>

We have a dedicated global network of machinery distributors and printer partners with our customers being privy to a complete support package. Servicing, parts and technical assistance come as standard with our field-based Raveneers always on standby.  Furthermore, we offer a break down and call-out service, should the need arise. Our well-stocked parts cupboard is bursting with parts which can be rushed to you on a next day delivery. Dedicated and bespoke training packages are also available.

Want to get in touch? Our HQ is based in the UK but we also have offices in Australia and the USA.