The Nobac 5000 range has been developed using technology that has been refined, spanning a 20 year period, for creating the perfect linerless solution.

The lubricated blade system has been advanced further to cut through glue/no glue as well as silicone within the labels, without complications and extending the blade life.

Paul Beamish, MD of Ravenwood said: “The Ravenwood solution is so successful that our approved printer network produced 5 billion labels across 2,500 Nobac sleevers, globally in 2020.”

Ravenwood’s blade system not only cuts though glue lines and silicone, but also gives reliable accurate cutting on a wide range of material up to 300gsm thick card material. Through the use of Ravenwoods proven lubricated blade system, there is no need to have an adhesive free area that could cause issues with label adhesion or premature peeling off from a label.

Paul added: “This is a fantastic achievement from our network of printers, or as we like to refer to them – members of our ‘Circle of Linerless’.”

The ‘Circle of Linerless’ is a term coined by Ravenwood to encapsulate our joined-up approach to the whole linerless process. Our printers benefit from a tried and tested formula for producing perfect linerless labels, that work reliably on Ravenwood Nobac applicators.

For further information on the Nobac 5000 range, quotations and lead times on build and delivery, contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144. Visit the Nobac 5000 product pages.

Nobac 5000 range

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