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cwrapThe Ravenwood linerless labelling system is a wonder of the modern age. The vast number of food packaging plants around the world which employ our systems is testament to the fact that not only does the system cover all labelling needs but that it will do so reliably year in year out with an absolute minimum of fuss and downtime.
The environment is benefitting too!
Standard labelling can be applied with the nobac125, nobac400b, nobac400v, nobac500 and nobac500t.

slidable labelThe Slideable label is a linerless label like no other, it slides like a cardboard sleeve allowing the customers to view the product inside the pack. Printed onto thicker materials - up to 300gsm - and up to 500mm x 125mm they have the look and feel of a cardboard sleeve and yet they come on a roll.
This new linerless technology can allow for automated packing even with high numbers of products, such as freshly prepared foodstuffs and the ready-meal market, which is ultimately helping packers to speed up their lines.
Using an on-demand printer removes the need to have sleeves pre-printed which often leads to unused sleeves being thrown away.
Slideable labelling can be applied with the nobac500/R and nobac500t.

skin packA major benefit of the skin pack line is the formulation of the optimum material to label ‘super-protruding’ packs which includes exceptionally bulky items such as roasting joints. Hence fewer tray styles are needed AND they can be smaller which of course means LESS PACKAGING.
A splendid feature of Skin Packs is that they give the product itself a longer shelf life, which will lead to LESS WASTE.
You can now buy a shiny new nobac 400v & 500 with Skin Pack labelling capabillities, or you can send us your existing 400 or 500 machine and we will extend its repertoire to include Skin Pack.
Skin Pack labelling can be applied with the nobac400v, nobac500/SP/PP and nobac500t.
cwrapThe boffins at Ravenwood have fearlessly developed the next evolution of the slideable sleeve. It is a full sleeve which slides like a cardboard sleeve but is supplied on a roll. It is printable up to 300gsm to size 500mm x 225mm with the option to feature a transparent window.
The machine which wraps these remarkable sleeves is the nobac 500R. It is a teaspoon longer than its 500 siblings and is also still capable of labelling both top and c-wrap within reason.
The line speed for such a remarkable sleeve is, of course, dependent on feed-length, but the achievable target is 65ppm.
Ready meal slideable labelling can be applied with the nobac 500R.




Our nobac system uses unique, linerless, adhesive-backed labels making wasteful, non-recyclable backing-papers a thing of the past.
Nobac machines enable a full range of labelling formats to be selected to suit product requirements. They can utilise board, paper and synthetic substrates further enhancing their flexibility.
All bar the 400b can be fitted with optional thermal transfer overprinters from a range of manufacturers. These print at the point of application, minimizing wasteful printed labels on changeovers. In addition to sleeving fixed-weight product, there is the option of linking them to weigh scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight product as well as check-weighing.
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Arca Case Labeller

These self-adhesive applicators complement our nobac machines.
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