The vast number of food retailers and packaging plants around the world that employ Ravenwood’s linerless label technology is testament that this labelling process continues to lead the way. We look at 10 reasons for choosing linerless.

1. Linerless Labels are Highly Sustainable

Due to the absence of the backing paper, there is no need to dispose of, incinerate or pay for expensive liner recycling programmes. This massively saves on CO2. World consumption of pressure sensitive labels is running at 1.4 million tonnes annually of which less than 12% is recycled. Consequently, that amounts to a whopping 616,000 tonnes of liner waste material that could potentially end up in landfill. But the good news is, this is now completely avoidable.

2. Keep Safe

Label liner can sometimes end up on the print room floor and with its silicone coating, it can leave you open to trips and falls. About 8 million people a year in the United States alone are victims to slips and falls – that’s 15% of all workplace accidents. Avoid these sticky situations by opting for linerless.

3. Less Downtime

Linerless labels allow for 40% more labels per roll, resulting in longer runs and increased uptime. Quick changeovers mean that line speeds are not compromised and you’ll spend less time cleaning up liner waste. So therefore, an increase in production efficiency is a major advantage.

4. Cost Efficiency

Linerless reels weigh up to 40% less and take up 40% less space than those with carrier backing paper. So the good news is, you’ll profit from decreased shipping and storage costs. And by eliminating the liner means avoiding disposal/recycling costs too.

5. Innovation is Our Passion

Ravenwood’s diverse range of linerless labels suit a wide variety of tray styles for food packaging applications. And what’s more, we keep on innovating. We regularly introduce new innovations to our product portfolio and that includes both new labelling formats and new machinery.

6. Extensive Range of Nobac 5000 Linerless Applicators

Our Nobac machines enable a full range of labelling formats suited to a vast expanse of product requirements. By utilising board, paper and synthetic substrates, our applicators offer enhanced flexibility. And by printing at the point of application, wasted printed labels on changeovers will be minimised. Furthermore, in addition to sleeving fixed weight products, there is the option of linking to weigh scales for variable weight products in addition to check weighing.

7. Our Linerless Technology is Available Across a Global Scale

Ravenwood has sold over 2000 applicators and with over 14 billion applications every year, our linerless technology is amplifying on a global scale. As a result, our labels can be found across all continents.

8. 24/7 Support

Our customers are privy to a complete support package including servicing, parts and technical assistance with our field based Raveneers always on alert – ready and waiting for your call. Furthermore, we offer a break down and call out service as and when the need arises. And our well-stocked cupboard is bursting with spare parts which can be rushed to you on a next day delivery.

9. We are World Class Leaders in Linerless

Established in 2004, we have 19 years of linerless experience under our belts.  We are gurus in our field – all knowledgeable in all things linerless.

10.  Become a Part of the Linerless Revolution

We valiantly strive to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and we’re proud to be doing our bit for the environment. And that’s not just our neck of the woods but on a global scale. By choosing linerless means that you’ll be helping to protect and sustain Planet Earth for future generations to come.

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