Transparent food packaging, complemented by Ravenwood clear linerless labels is an emerging food packaging trend. Is it a trend that’s here to stay? We think so. Research has shown that consumers find it important to see the actual product they’re buying.

Focus on freshness

An estimated 30% of US consumers gauge a product’s freshness not by looking at the use-by date, but by looking at the product itself. That doesn’t mean packaging design is no longer relevant, however, as it can still influence consumers’ initial perception in more ways than one. Keeping colour psychology in mind, graphic designers can use a specific set of colours to emphasise a product’s freshness. Packaging can also be used to highlight the fact that a product does not contain additives or unnatural preservatives.

Different types of transparent food packaging

According to Mintel’s Food Packaging Trends Report, Brands who adopt clear and succinct package messaging will be rewarded as consumers prefer brands that embrace minimalism. Nearly 60 percent of US consumers find transparent packaging useful but less important than the quality of the packaging material itself. In other words, transparent food packaging is ideally made of recyclable packaging material. Glass jars and bottles, and PET bottles and containers are obvious choices, but a growing number of manufacturers are even experimenting with plastic see through cans. And the growing trend for ready meals is seeing transparent tubs for showing the freshness of the product on shelf.

Clear or opaque packaging?

In days gone by, the majority of food packaging was thick and opaque – all the better to keep out elements like light and moisture which could potentially spoil the food product itself. Many consumers are now gravitating towards packaging that lets us actually see the food we’re buying. And it makes sense why this trend is gaining momentum now.

But a bigger reason for the boost in transparent packaging is, nutritional transparency – in our quest for healthier, fresher foods, we actually want to see the ingredients and textures of what we’re about to eat. After all, we eat with our eyes.

Going clear doesn’t work for all foods. That’s why some food packaging feature a ‘window’, which gives us a tiny peek at the food stuff that’s inside without giving the whole game away.

Let your products have clarity with Ravenwood clear linerless labels

Ravenwood sources clear BOPP film for its transparent labels from Innovia Films. The uniquely approved film is an approved material for application by Ravenwood Nobac machines. Transparent film allows for increased brand impact and is especially popular for frozen and chilled products. Transparent film boasts many advantages:

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Clear linerless labels coupled with transparent packaging allows the freshness of the product to shine through which is now considered a major selling point…

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