ICE Thermal Transfer Overprinter

The ICE thermal transfer overprinter is the established technology of choice for a wide range of coding applications. See below full specifications for the Zodiac and Viper coders.

Compared to traditional contact coders such as hot-stamp or roller coders, thermal transfer overprinting offers superior print quality and lower costs.

From label overprinting, to high speed digital coding on vertical bagging machines with flexible packaging, the Zodiac thermal transfer printer is able to deliver fast print speeds, minimising downtime and ensuring the lowest possible cost of ownership.


  • 53mm and 107mm printhead widths available
  • One printer for intermittent or continuous mode, satisfying all applications; left or right hand operation
  • Performs at both very high and very low speed operation using precise ribbon tension control
  • Easy washdown with the option of an IP65-rated water tight printing cassette cover
  • In-house standard and customised brackets to fit any production line


  • Simplest ribbon cassette design in the industry
  • 1200m ribbon capacity and effortless ribbon changeover
  • Solid state ribbon drive means no clutch, brakes or wear parts therefore minimal maintenance and no reduction in performance for the whole life of the printer


  • Several unique ribbon save modes ensure efficient use of consumables, with typically less than 0.5mm of waste ribbon between prints, helping to keep cost of ownership low
  • Printer cloning, master/slave mode and several methods of connectivity ensure security of data being coded
  • Single intuitive colour touchscreen interface for easy job selection and diagnostics

The Viper Thermal Inkjet Coder uses Thermal Inkjet Technology which is a well-established form of printing that is clean, dependable and maintenance free. It is designed for a precise, high quality print which is inexpensive and user friendly. The use of fast drying inks within this technology has allowed ICE to extend the application to provide solutions for a range coding and marking needs.


  • Fast, consistent and trouble free printing with excellent code clarity
  • Printhead configuration for up to four printheads with print heights from 12.7mm to 50.8mm at print speeds up to 75 metres per minute
  • Print up to four lines of 600dpi resolution vertical and horizontal text, bar codes, 2D data matrix codes and logos


  • Maintenance free printer with no replacement parts other than the inkjet cartridge
  • Clean, mess free and easy to change HP® ink cartridges


  • Single intuitive touchscreen interface for easy job selection and diagnostics

Visit the ICE website for further information.