Our high speed VXR Vision Pack Inspection System can be integrated with a diverse range of checkweighers for harnessing dynamic end-of-line product inspection and quality control. In this update, we look at how our VXR performs with a Staflex Flexi C – RW Checkweigher.

When combined, the high-precision technology of these two machines provides an innovative and efficient approach to end-of-line product inspection. Production speeds are significantly increased whilst maintaining exceptional accuracy and flexibility.

Packs to be inspected initially pass over the Starflex Flexi C – RW Checkweigher, which monitors pack weights, rejecting any products that are over or under the set weight, within the required legislation. The Vision element of the VXR inspection system detects incorrect or faulty labels including printing errors and poor-quality print, as well as label position, quantity, and orientation. Bar codes, use-by dates, traceability codes and promotional flash labels can also be verified. The core functionality of the VXR’s x-ray inspection remains the same, boasting maximum safety and guarantees for detecting dangerous foreign bodies such as metals, glass, stones, bones, and high-density plastics – even in aluminium trays. Ravenwood’s high speed VXR has been developed further with the addition of two side by side reject bins. Rejected packs are split between the two bins. One bin is dedicated to x-ray rejects and the other is used for weight and Vision rejects. Subsequently, the new set up allows for greater reject capacity and increased inspection pack speeds.

When combined the VXR and Checkweigher provide:

WATCH THE VIDEO: See the High Speed VXR linked to the Starflex Checkweigher in action below >>

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