Belona Packaging Challenge

The Future Food Group (FFG) approached Ravenwood approved linerless printer, Belona, to replace its labour intensive hand applied sleeves with a fully automated sleeving solution that works at high speeds.  FFG felt the need to obtain support in both its sales and technical areas in order to eventually arrive at new insights and resolve doubts and concerns with its previous style of packaging. The Future Food Group (FFG) stands for the ‘food of the future’. This means responding to the wishes and needs of consumers in a world of constant change.

Belona Solution

Belona recommended Ravenwood linerless labels as a packaging solution for FFG’s range of plant based products. Ravenwood linerless labels do not feature any liner or backing paper. This means that up to 40% more labels can be applied per roll and significantly less waste is generated during the production process – even the production waste is recyclable. Good business relations between Belona and Ravenwood in reaching a solution for FFG, has produced optimum results.

Success Story

FFG has gained new insights through its collaboration with Belona in meeting the needs of its customers; Moving Mountains and The Veggie Lovers. A number of FFG’s hand sleeve products have already been replaced by Ravenwood labels. These include: vegetarian burgers, sausages, nuggets, stir-fry strips, ‘meat’ balls and minced ‘meat’.

FFG plans to roll out linerless to more of its products in the future.

About Future Food Group

The Future Food Group is a team of experts in plant based/organic food product development. FFG’s foods are also packed in sustainable packaging. Their vision is for a plant-based future in reaching quality through sustainability. The world of meat is changing with consumers looking for affordable and ethical alternatives. FFG’s HQ is based in Oss, the vegetarian centre of the Netherlands. Visit the FFG website here>

About Belona

Belona is a Ravenwood approved linerless printer based in the Netherlands. Belona’s experience and expertise in the field of linerless can perfectly support the implementation of this type of labelling. Visit the Belona website.


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