Australian label production house, Hally Labels, is now an approved supplier of Ravenwood’s linerless technology. The printer has purchased and recently installed a Com500 coater at its facility in Brisbane.

Hally is a significant label supplier to the protein sector in Australia and New Zealand. Linerless is an emerging label technology in both countries but one that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Heightened interest from clients looking to upscale to the sustainable labelling technology, encouraged Hally to approach Ravenwood for adding linerless to its product portfolio. Having witnessed the continued growth and success of linerless in the UK, the company is now focussing on capitalising from this market niche.

Anne-Marie Sutton, Group General Manager said: “We’re anticipating a packaging revolution; this innovative method of labelling is perfectly suited to a new generation of extended-life packaging with protein leading the way.”

Sutton added: “Initially, for us, it will be the protein market that will adopt this type of labelling but we are also working with customers in the ready meal sector who are looking to streamline operations for moving away from hand applied labels.”

The coater is designed and manufactured in the UK to work in accordance with Ravenwoods’ linerless system. The machine applies silicone and hot melt adhesive to pre-printed labels, resulting in a ‘linerless’ label. Linerless is a specialist process, resulting in label reels that have no backing paper. Eliminating the release liner carries many benefits; less waste, reduced landfill disposal costs and a much reduced carbon footprint.

As well as linerless, Hally offer speciality, self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves to the food and beverage markets. Industrial, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical are also sectors the printer supplies to.

Paul Beamish, MD of Ravenwood said: “We are thrilled to have Hally on board with our linerless technology, given their strong ethics and policies with regards to minimising their impact on the environment.”

He added: “Hally has an excellent reputation in the labelling industry built on strong values and we are confident that linerless will soon be the label of choice for many brands and manufacturers in these countries.”

Hally Labels was founded by Ian and Pam Hally in 1965. Its success story is built on reputation and professionalism, for delivering outstanding technical excellence in a diverse range of labelling products. Its impressive ‘trans-Tasman’ network encompasses four large production sites across Australia and New Zealand. Hally also operate a ‘mothership’ business model in both countries, with the quick-response digital satellites branded ‘Hally Express’.

Visit the Hally Labels website.

For further information contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144.


The Com500 Coater recently installed at the facility in Brisbane…

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