Imprimerie Ste-Julie has purchased a Ravenwood Com500 Coater for offering its customers a sustainable alternative to self-adhesive labelling and to further reduce its carbon footprint.

IMPSJ is passionate about the future of the planet with a strong desire to tackle climate change. Being at the forefront of packaging trends, the printer considers linerless to be an emerging technology in Canada and one that is gaining much interest, due to many retailers and packers striving to become more environmentally friendly. Adding linerless to its product portfolio seems to be a natural transition for the printer with its established fleet of print presses.

Éric Thibault, Business Development Manager said: “Imprimerie Ste-Julie is always on the lookout for innovative and eco-friendly products. The addition of linerless to its arsenal, perfectly reflects the ecological trend that the company has been following for several years. As Business Development Manager for linerless in Canada, I am truly proud to be able to present this new generation of zero waste labels to clients. It is with great optimism and confidence that we will introduce this great product to the Canadian market.”

The Com500 Coater has been installed at the IMPSJ 30,000 sq ft facility in Quebec. The building is due to be extended further in 2021 due to increased demand across all of its product ranges. Where linerless is concerned, they are currently working on a number of projects within the fresh meat, fish and baked goods sectors.

Linerless labels are highly sustainable, involving a unique production process. After the reel has been printed, the adhesive is applied to the back of the label and silicone release coating is applied to the face, in the same position, suiting the specification of the tray. Unlike self-adhesive labels, linerless labels feature no backing paper. This means that both the face and back of the label can be utilised. Food brands have double the space to feature information for driving consumer engagement, such as additional product information, recipes and promotions. Great for establishing a competitive edge when products need to stand out on shelf.

Ravenwood linerless labels are good for the planet. With the absence of the liner means that the reels allow for more labels per roll, fewer changeovers, less downtime and promote a clean room environment in the packing factory. Backing paper, when landfilled, contributes to dangerous levels of Co2.

Paul Beamish, MD of Ravenwood said: “We are thrilled to welcome IMPSJ on board with their many years of printing expertise and industry knowledge. 2020 has been challenging but an extremely busy and successful year.”

Founded In 1975, Imprimerie Ste-Julie remains a family-owned business, producing self-adhesive labels for 45 years. As well as linerless, IMPSJ prints pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves and labels for circular containers, including bottles. They employee a team of 110 staff, all operating out the main head office facility in Quebec. They are certified by Carbone boréal for offsetting its carbon emissions and certified as an eco-responsible company under the leadership of Ecocert. In addition to its certifications, the company has also set up an in-house sustainable development committee. They undertake a series of initiatives on a daily basis to constantly monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

For further information contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144. Visit the Imprimerie Ste-Julie website.

Imprimerie Ste-Julie

The Com500 Coater is now installed at the IMPSJ facility in Quebec, Canada. Pictured (left to right): Eric Thibault and IMPSJ Owners; Caroline Fournier and Marilène Fournier.

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