Two challenges were presented to Ravenwood’s Canadian linerless printer, Imprimerie Ste-Julie. The label converter needed to satisfy fresh customer demand and at the same time, to also have the option to potentially improve its research and development processes. 


1. Customer Demand

Ravenwood’s Canadian linerless printer, Imprimerie Ste-Julie, decided to react to increased customer demand for supplying low volume ‘ready to apply’, pre-cut linerless labels. The influx of these labelling enquiries has mostly originated from independently owned food manufacturers and smaller fresh produce outlets. These also include exciting new start-ups, that have decided to opt for a more sustainable type of labelling. Many organisations, both large and small, are beginning to take steps in planning their net zero 2050 journey. Linerless can assist retailers in reaching their net zero 2050 goals.

To paint a larger picture, IMPSJ purchased a Com500 coater in December 2019, for producing Ravenwood linerless labels. Again, reacting to customer demand but initially from larger retailers and packers. Subsequently, these organisations have a need for quicker, and automated labelling application speeds within the factory, for supplying foods into the mainstream supermarkets. Therefore, in order to meet this demand, a Ravenwood Nobac 5000 applicator would need to be installed. These sleevers are capable of application speeds up to 150 ppm. However, these smaller and typically independent retailers will not have a requirement for automated label application. With low volume label runs, manual hand application offers an ideal solution.

How can IMPSJ overcome this challenge for meeting linerless requirements of these smaller retailers?

2. Research & Development

As mentioned, IMPSJ has been producing linerless labels since December 2019. With demand for linerless ever-increasing, the label converter is looking to the future with the aim of being able to provide its customers with cut label samples at design stage – before the decision is made to go with the final print run. Cutting linerless labels by hand is a time consuming exercise, so IMPSJ would welcome the opportunity to automate this in the future, with the aim of providing this service, in a timely manner. IMPSJ would also like to offer its customers multiple ‘mock’ packs for showcasing the label and the tray for presentation purposes at the development stage. These packs could potentially be circulated to key decision makers within its customer’s organisations.

IMPSJ remains proactive and is looking to refine its R&D in the future.


IMPSJ invested in a Ravenwood Nobac Stacker. The Stacker is a linerless label cutting and stacking machine that offers the perfect solution for hand applying low volume linerless labels. A reel of linerless labels is mounted within the machine and then run to cut and stack labels in a ‘post-it note’ style format. The machine can cut up to 100 labels per minute to a stacked height of 140mm. The labels can then be hand applied as and when required. The machine is very compact at just under one metre in width and is extremely user-friendly with little training required for safe operation. The Stacker is the perfect ‘entry level’, ‘manual’ linerless labelling machine for hand application.


IMPSJ is now offering a linerless ‘cutting and stacking’ service to its customers at a rate of 10K labels per day. And its Research and Development processes now has the scope to be further refined and improved.


Located in Quebec, and founded in 1975, Imprimerie Ste-Julie has been producing labels for 45 years. With the addition of linerless, IMPSJ also prints self-adhesive, pressure sensitive, shrink sleeves, as well as labels for circular containers such as bottles. IMPSJ is passionate about the future of the planet with a strong desire to tackle climate change. Being at the forefront of packaging trends, the printer considers linerless to be a significant driver, for assisting retailers and packers to become more environmentally friendly, in reaching their net zero 2050 goals.

For further information on linerless, visit our news pages or contact Marketing on +44(0)1284 749144.

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