Lexit Group, a leading supplier of high performance data collection and product labelling has added Ravenwood’s linerless technology to its range of services.

A Ravenwood Com500 Coater is due to be installed at the company’s Swedish site in August. Lexit Group will be the first labelling facility to offer linerless in Sweden.

The Group, with facilities based in Norway and Sweden, has been a machine distributor of Ravenwood since 2008. Since this time, Lexit Group has supplied 45 Nobac 500 linerless applicators to the Norwegian market. Growing demand from their Swedish customers for more environmentally friendly labelling coupled with rising levels of CO2 has convinced the Group that the purchase of a Ravenwood Coater is a sound investment.

Annett Malmo, Lexit Group’s Packaging Specialist said:“Linerless is very well established in Norway, largely due to Lexit driving the technology in this region. Seeing the success in Norway and the sheer amount of linerless enquiries from new and existing customers, has convinced us to develop and drive linerless forward in Sweden and across Scandinavia.”

Malmo added: “The Lexit Group strives to reduce its carbon footprint where possible, so we are very pleased to be able to offer a sustainable label alternative to our customers.”

Linerless production will begin in August with the installation of the Com500 Coater. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Com500 is the only machine dedicated to running Ravenwood linerless labels. Linerless is a specialist process, resulting in label reels that have no backing paper. Eliminating the release liner carries many benefits; less waste, reduced landfill disposal costs and a much reduced carbon footprint.

In addition to linerless, Lexit produces self-adhesive, peel and reveal, in-mould labels, cargo/shipping labels and blanks. Other technologies include a broad range of quality AutoID, RFID and Barcode printing. Lexit Group also reduce their carbon footprint by partnering with RafCycle. The Group were the first printing company to use the concept. Read more on RafCycle® here>

Paul Beamish, MD of Ravenwood said: “We’ve benefitted from a long and extremely successful partnership over the years, and with the purchase of the Com500, business relations can only strengthen further. And it will be great to see Sweden embrace our linerless technology.”

Lexit Group was founded in 1993 and initially set up to provide barcode technology, software development and hardware delivery. In 2004, the company then moved into self-adhesive label production. The Group operates across three sites; Norway, Sweden and Denmark, employing 140 people. Visit the Lexit Group website.

For further information contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144.

Com500 Coater

Pictured from left: Ravenwood’s Sales Director, Dave Gooding and MD, Paul Beamish with the Lexit Group team…

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