Health conscious online ready meal producer and supplier, Prep Kitchen, has shifted its packaging and labelling operations to Ravenwood’s linerless technology.

Constant downtime was being experienced in the factory environment as a direct result from the shortfalls of the previous banding labelling system. Issues relating to slow label application and blockages in the machine were frequent, due to the strap bands creasing up on travelling through the machine. The ready meal tray was also causing major disruption, as the lids would often not fix securely to the tray. Prep Kitchen’s production line was a sluggish and frustrating process.

Mark Morley, Director at Prep Kitchen researched alternative labelling and packaging processes and decided Ravenwood’s linerless technology was a great fit for its product range. And in opting for linerless, Ravenwood was then able to assist with the problems associated with the tray. Ravenwood recommended its machinery distributor, Versatile Packaging, to supply a new tray and tray sealing machine, supplied by Proseal UK.

Ravenwood supplied a Nobac 5000 linerless applicator, capable of applying linerless labels at a rate of 150ppm. The fully automated sleever has also been fitted with Thermal Transfer Coders for printing variable data. Coveris UK, an approved Ravenwood printer, prints Prep Kitchen’s labels. The Nobac 5000 is also a great alternative for replacing cardboard sleeve packaging, which is often used in the ready meal market.

Morley said: “Prep Kitchen’s production facility has been transformed.”

He added: “We can now confidently supply our quality products in sturdy ready meal trays, along with faultless linerless labels – all in a timely and efficient manner.”

Ravenwood’s linerless labels do not feature backing paper which results in zero liner to landfill. Disposing of liner to landfill is both costly to the company and the environment. Label liner, when landfilled, contributes to CO2. Many food manufacturers, packers and retailers are now switching to linerless in a bid for carbon neutrality.

Prep Kitchen was established in 2016 and originally started out as a health food restaurant in Southend. Reacting to consumer demand, they started delivering healthy and freshly prepared dishes locally, direct to people’s doors. The ready meal delivery service proved to be a great success, so much so, that Prep Kitchen expanded business operations and launched an online shop. Moreover, its range of foods continue to be developed with 29 meals now tailored across each of four categories: balanced fat loss, balanced muscle gain, lower carb fat loss and lower carb muscle gain.

For further information, read the full Prep Kitchen Case Study. And if you would like to discuss Ravenwood’s Nobac 5000 applicator for replacing cardboard sleeve packaging, contact Natalie Bell, Ravenwood’s Marketing Manager on +44(0)1284 749144. Visit Prep Kitchen

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Prep Kitchen’s diverse range of ready meals means that healthy eating is made easy! 100% fresh and chef-cooked meal plans, delivered straight to your door – nationwide…






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