Ravenwood has been working with a range of key material manufacturers and ribbon suppliers, for establishing the best benchmark thermal ribbon to add to its ‘Circle of Linerless’.

The development of the RW 51/71 thermal ribbon has spanned two years, in finding the best combination of wax and resin elements, involving extensive testing on all known and development substrates. The process has paid off, with the Ravenwood ribbon proving its speed capabilities and accuracy for printing across all Ravenwood approved materials. The ribbon has performed extremely well both under test and in the factory environment.

The full range of ribbons will be announced shortly and have been developed to complement the extreme materials and sometimes challenging environments, that Ravenwood’s machines are required to work with and under.

Dan Coe, Director of Ravenwood said: “At Ravenwood, we are always pushing for faster, more accurate labelling solutions, and where our approved materials are concerned, the missing element from our materials portfolio, has always been the thermal ribbon.”

He added: “If we can create the material that the label is made from, we should also have input into what prints onto these material substrates. The Ravenwood RW brand has been established with key performance indicators, namely speed and quality of print. The development process has meant that these USPs provides us with a competitive edge, when comparing to other thermal ribbon.”

The two year development process of this new ribbon material has proved beneficial, not only to Ravenwood but to their approved supplier network. The research undertaken will further progress the approval of new and future base materials.

The Circle of Linerless is a term coined by Ravenwood to encapsulate their joined up approach to the entire linerless labelling process.

For further information on the RW 51/71 and new range of thermal ribbons, contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144.

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