Ravenwood has sourced two new linerless materials, adding to its already extensive Approved Materials List.

After extensive testing, the YUPO RWU130 product has been developed exclusively for Ravenwood from synthetic paper supplier, YUPO.

This new material allows their linerless applicators to run at the same high speed on PP white film as paper alternatives. RWU has outstanding print quality and has good web stability allowing for higher press speeds as well.

In addition to YUPO, Ravenwood has also sourced a new paper from its approved supplier, Antalis. The Black Label Gloss is a further example of the company’s ongoing development to provide the best possible materials for the its linerless solution, and printer partners. Developed exclusively for Ravenwood, the new product has met and exceeded expectations in terms of print speed and quality. The Black Label brand will be extended to all of Ravenwood’s Global partners over the coming months and will include water resistant grades as well.

For further information on YUPO RWU130 and Black Label Gloss, contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144. To view the full range of linerless materials that Ravenwood uses for it’s labels, click through to the Approved Linerless Materials page.


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