You’d be forgiven for doing a double take on the aesthetics of the new Nobac 5000V. Whilst Ravenwood’s latest linerless applicator has taken on a totally different look visually, mechanically, it still operates and performs in the same way, when compared to its Nobac 5000 counterparts.

Why has the Nobac 5000V been engineered in this styling and what does the ‘V’ stand for?

Unlike other machines that fall under the Nobac 5000 range, this particular applicator features the mandrel to the side of the product conveyor as opposed to it being positioned above. By placing the mandrel to the side, allows the labels to be applied vertically and this is where the ‘V’ comes from. The 5000V is a vertical labeller. Essentially, products are driven ‘through’ the label, so allowing for difficult applications and increased protrusions, making it ideal for the labelling of whole birds.

How does the Nobac 5000V compare to other machines in the Nobac 5000 range?

As explained, visually the 5000V looks completely different, with the label mandrel being positioned to the side. It is also more compact, with a smaller footprint at just over 1 metre square.

In terms of the overall mechanical workings, the labeller features the same flexibility as other models in the range. Although, the 5000V is restricted to applying C Wrap linerless labels, it can label a variety of MAP and VSP trays, including shrink wrap. In addition to trayed whole birds, the 5000V is perfectly suited to meat joints and thermoformed packs. It is also equipped to apply shaped labels. Due to this unique label presentation, the 5000V can carry out applications that are not possible with other machines which includes extended back panels on C Wrap and whole birds. A maximum pack height of 125mm applies, making this machine ideal for protruding products.

The applicator also boasts excellent application speeds at over 80ppm. And as with all other machines in the 5000 range, there is the option to link to a weigh price labeller for printing catch weight and fixed weight products.

To find out more on the Nobac 5000V including pricing, build and production lead times, contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144.

Click on the image below and watch the Nobac 5000V in action>

Nobac 5000V

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