Result Group, a leading Australian packaging, labelling and process automation company has joined Ravenwood’s global distributor network for driving linerless in this region. The company has invested in a Ravenwood linerless demo sleever.

Increasing concerns about liner waste generated and the banning of Australian export waste, has led to linerless labels earning considerable kudos in the Australian packaging and labelling industry. Brand owners are now reacting to growing interest from consumers concerns about climate change, leading them to re-evaluate their packaging and labelling choices. Linerless offers a full spectrum of benefits associated with sustainable labelling practices. The main drivers for Result is the eco-friendly element coupled with considerable reduction in costs.

Result Group has purchased a Nobac 5000 linerless applicator as part of its demonstration and testing fleet and in doing so joins Ravenwood’s ever-growing global machinery network. Consequently, Ravenwood now has a total of 37 distributors. The Nobac range is designed for maximum flexibility, for applying Ravenwood linerless labels to many food types and pack specifications. In addition to sleeving fixed-weight products, these machines can link to weigh-scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight products, as well as check weighing. Speeds up to 125ppm is achievable.

Michael Dossor, Group General Manager said: “Our partnership with Ravenwood allows us to deliver the best linerless technology, support packaging minimisation initiatives and contribute towards delivering sustainability targets for landfill reduction.”

He added: “Linerless labels are making headway in Australia as more brands move towards sustainable packaging so they can reach the aggressive sustainability goals mandated in Australia, especially the 2025 National Packaging targets.”

Linerless labels are supplied in a range of weights and materials, including paper and polypropylene. Ravenwood, Result and associated linerless printer partners, pride themselves on innovation and will work closely with a brand or manufacturer for creating and applying, faultless linerless labels.

Paul Beamish, MD of Ravenwood said: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Result Group to our global distributor network, given their commitments and policies with regards to supporting a carbon neutral future.”

In addition to linerless, Result will continue to lead the smart packaging revolution in Australia. Their focus lies on a number of digital technologies enabling cross-industry solutions, including brand authentication, counterfeiting, track and trace monitoring and consumer engaging content..

In recent years, Result has turned its focus to the gap between sustainability and food waste, and is using technology to deliver on those key drivers. And its range of resealable and re-closable packaging solutions deliver an extended shelf life, for product consumption in alleviating food waste.

Result Group has been established for 12 years and employees a team of twenty, offering nationwide technical support. Their team, when combined, offers 150 years of industry experience. The company’s headquarters is based in Melbourne with satellite offices located in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Cairns, Adelaide and Perth. The Group also represents the packaging industry across various working groups including the AIP Save Food Packaging Consortium for the Fight Food Waste CRC. Result is also the AIP representative on the National GS1 Traceability Advisory Group and APCO’s Materials Circularity Working Group. Visit the Result Group website.

For further information contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager on +44(0)1284 749144.

Result Group of Companies

Result Group has purchased a Nobac 5000 linerless applicator as part of its demonstration and testing fleet…

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