The Challenge

Delivering a premium shelf-presence, award-winning butcher Simon Howie used printed cartonboard sleeves for their pre-packed retail lines. With hand application of sleeves, production speeds were limited to approximately 40 packs a minute and thanks to growing demand and new contracts, greater capacity and faster production speeds were required. With multi-format expertise, Simon Howie asked Coveris to explore how this could be achieved with a change to their packaging and packing lines.

The Solution

Linerless labelling offers a number of operational advantages over the use and hand application of cartonboard sleeves. Featuring no backing paper, linerless labels require less storage space, operate faster application speeds and improved volumes, while reducing overall packaging weight.

Using transition, studio and launch expertise, Coveris supported Simon Howie’s move from sleeves to linerless labels to meet a tight retail launch date. Artwork was transferred from existing designs to streamlined label keylines for greater tooling and production efficiencies, in addition to improved on-shelf design consistency.

Linerless formats used: Standard and Slidewrap

Ravenwood machine:  Nobac 500 Applicator

Linerless Label Printer: Coveris UK

The Benefits:

About Simon Howie

Simon Howie, ‘The Scottish Butcher’, is an award-winning Perth-based butchery business supplying a variety of private and own label meats.



Simon Howie

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