Belona has offered Ravenwood labels as a sustainable packaging solution for the skin packaging of the ‘Natuurvlees’ products from Slagerij Kaldenberg. Slagerij Kaldenberg contributes to improving the biodiversity of Dutch nature reserves. The nature meat chain consists of a so-called ‘closed cycle’. This means that all manure is used within the chain and there is no manure surplus.

Packaging Issue

Slagerij Kaldenberg had the problem of applying self-adhesive labels to the new skin packaging, made of cardboard, for their ‘Natuurvlees’ products. The application of self-adhesive labels on the skin packaging of the ‘Natuurvlees’ products would not produce the desired result in terms of appearance, as self-adhesive labels do not adhere very well to skin packaging.

Belona’s Approach

Belona recommended Ravenwood labels as a packaging solution for the skin packaging of Slagerij Kaldenberg. The labels contain no liner or backing paper and can be applied to the skin packaging at a speed of between 80 and 100 labels per minute. Ravenwood labels also result in less waste during the production process because even the die-cut waste is recyclable.

Moreover, the intensive contact between Belona and the machine supplier of the Ravenwood labels has removed the customer’s worries.

End Result

By applying the Ravenwood labels to the skin packaging, a sustainable and stylish information carrier has been chosen for the ‘Natuurvlees’ products that is also quick to apply. This has enabled Slagerij Kaldenberg and Belona to achieve a great end result.

Case Study submitted by Belona

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