Trojan Flash Labeller

The Trojan label applicator has set new standards in self-adhesive label applications. The Trojan is an extremely small and cost effective promotional label applicator utilising a state-of-the-art servo drive unit, ideal for incorporating into most existing production lines. With its simple reliable servo drive design, the Trojan is virtually maintenance free. Controls are kept to a minimum and with its basic web path, the Trojan is extremely operator friendly. Accepting a wide range of sensing and mounting options, the Trojan can be tailored to meet the demands of virtually any label application requirement.

Applicator Type:Trojan (available in right or left hand).
Drive System:Brushless 400watt servo motor (belt driven).
Rewind:Slipping clutch via main drive.
Label Type:Self-adhesive, outside wound (on a core).
Unwind Reel Size:255mm (10″) diameter max.
Label Reel Core:76mm or 44mm diameter.
Label Width:Standard TR100 model -85mm max TR140 model – 125mm max.
Label Length:Minimum 25mm long. Maximum 250mm long.
Label Position:Top, side or base surface of product (mountings required).
Position Accuracy:± 1.5mm. Angle ± 0.5º (dependent on product).
Linear Speed:Maximum 40 metres per minute.
Mountings:Various mountings available on request.
Controls:Standard panel type.
Electrical Supply:110/240Volts. 1 Phase. 50/60Hz.
Coding Option:Videojet 8510. 2 Line Code. 600 DPI.