Trojan Security Base Labeller

The Security/Base Labeller can be connected to any Nobac Linerless Label Applicator and applies the security/base label first so that the linerless label is laid over the top. The Nobac will run at the same number of packs per minute so production speed is not affected.

The information programmed into each label is controlled at source from an easy navigable input display panel and can be altered without the loss of a single label.

The Base Labeller is easily retro-fittable by one of our brave Raveneers.

Please note: – Due to the size and design, this label applicator cannot be fitted with a coder/printer.

Max. Web Width:85mm or 125mm
Max. Label Length:200mm
Label Reel Size:260mm O.D.
Reel Core Size:44mm or 76mm
Label Material:Self-adhesive material
Max. Linear Speed:40 metres/min
Sensing Options:Photo-electric or proximity
Drive System:Power belt via servo motor
Power Supply:110/230v 1 Phase 50/60 Hz