A leading US processing and packaging equipment specialist has invested in Ravenwood’s linerless technology with a Nobac 5000 linerless demo applicator.

UltraSource joins Ravenwood’s world-wide machinery distributor network, bringing the total to 40 across the globe.

The Ravenwood Nobac 5000 range of world-leading linerless applicators suits a variety of applications, dependent on product and specification. The latest machine to join the range is the Nobac 5000 Auto. The Nobac 5000 Auto is a customer optional addition that automates switching between products, pack and label size. Subsequently, this optional extra, greatly reduces downtime. Under general operation, the applicators are manually configured to suit a wide variety of different but ‘common’ label applications including full wrap, C and D wrap and top/bottom applications. Ready meal customers can also benefit from reduced packaging costs by opting for ready meal linerless sleeves instead of manually applied cardboard boxes. Ravenwood will also rise to any packaging challenge and will work with a customer for producing custom or bespoke linerless labels.

“Customers are immediately impressed when they see the Nobac in operation,” said Matt Busenbark, Labelling Equipment Manager at UltraSource.

Matt added: “Customers quickly recognise the potential for enhancing the appearance of their products with linerless labels without adding labour. They also appreciate the efficient and reliable Nobac machine design.”

Placement position of label reels is easy to set up and adjust with application speeds up to 150ppm achievable. Furthermore, linerless labels generate less waste as they feature no backing paper. Subsequently, this labelling technology is highly sustainable when compared to self-adhesive. In addition to sleeving fixed-weight products, the Nobac 5000 applicators can link to weigh-scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight products, as well as check weighing.

Chris Isom, UltraSource CEO, said: “The Nobac line sets itself apart with its ability to apply labels in a variety of formats and positions while being very intuitive to configure and run. It also pairs well with the Espera weigh-price labellers we offer. We are proud and excited to be working with Ravenwood for distributing the Nobac linerless label applicators.”

The UltraSource portfolio of labelling solutions includes Matrix Crossweb Package and Film Labellers, Posi Inline Package Labellers and Espera Weigh-price Labellers. Ravenwood’s range of Nobac linerless applicators now complements this technology line-up in addition to the UltraSource tray sealing, rollstock and vacuum chamber packaging solutions.

Since UltraSource was founded in 1883, the leading packaging and labelling solutions specialist has served the processing and packaging equipment needs of thousands of companies worldwide in the meat and poultry, seafood, produce, dairy, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Find UltraSource listed under our Distributor page.

For further information, contact Natalie Bell, Marketing & Events Manager +44(0)1284 749144.


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