To put it briefly, Paul Beamish, Ravenwood’s Founder and Managing Director states: “It all comes down to control. If we have control, we have consistency, efficiency, reliability and quality.”

Let us explain further.

Ravenwood’s founder has always believed that to sell a linerless Nobac applicator, retailers and brand owners have to be able to guarantee a label’s performance.

Since Ravenwood started making linerless labels and supplying linerless applicators back in 2004, we quickly realised that to supply the best machines, we must be able to supply the best materials. Over the years, Ravenwood has built up an impressive materials portfolio, made possible by collaborating with the industry’s leading raw material suppliers. Our diverse selection ensures that whatever the product or environment, Ravenwood has you covered. The range of materials is extensive with various grades of paper, card, film, adhesives and silicones. We are continually working on new products, trialling them for months, sometimes years, before they are added to our range of approved products. All are tested and approved for sole use with Ravenwood machinery.

But it doesn’t stop at our approved materials. We partner with a global network of printers who also meet the highest of standards required to manufacture the best linerless labels for satisfying the needs of their customers. All of our printers have invested in a Com 500 Coater, and it is the coater that makes these labels ‘linerless’. These labels are finished to the required specifications to run efficiently on our range of Nobac applicators. Linerless is constantly evolving and is no longer just for meat and fish, with variations to suit ready meals, food-to-go, bakery and fresh produce. The flexibility of our labels ensures that we are fully equipped to meet the needs of our global network of machinery distributors and their customers.

So, as we said, it all comes down to ‘control’. Over the years, Ravenwood has been accused of being overly controlling. This is a fair comment but without standards in place, quality and consistency will eventually slip. We build and manufacture our own coater to make the labels and we have developed our own range of Nobac linerless applicators to apply them. The entire process ends with our VXR Vision Pack Inspection System for analysing poor quality print and variable data on the labels, and screening of contaminants in the food itself. This is why we specify the materials, because Ravenwood supply the complete linerless solution – The Ravenwood Circle of Linerless.

For further information, contact marketing on +44(0)1284 749144.

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