Each year, PANTONE painstakingly picks a colour that accurately reflects our global culture, serving as an expression of mood and attitude for the year ahead.  

The decision is made through trend analysis and thoughtful consideration across many aspects of our society, from the entertainment industry, fashion, art, design, travel, lifestyle, technology, as well as shifts within the food and beverage sector.

PANTONE colour of the Year selection for 2017: ‘Greenery’. A life-affirming shade – ‘Greenery’ embodies wholsesomeness and vitality.

Green: Food & Beverage Packaging

As 2017 gets well and truly underway, we can expect to ‘see green’ (or much more of) in 2017. The colour is to set to feature heavily on food packaging designs this year. Green expresses all-natural ingredients, organic foods and environmentally friendly produce – growing trends set to dominate in 2017. Additionally, green is considered gender-neutral, so choosing green for your branding and packaging will help alleviate gender-stereotypical decision making.

Green is a colour of balance and harmony of the mind, the body and the emotions. In colour psychology, it relates to security, wealth and growth. And it’s no wonder, in packaging, the colour green has historically proved popular for organic and environmentally friendly products including wholefoods and plant based.

Green: Food Trends for 2017

Innova Market Insights has revealed its top trends likely to impact the food industry in 2017 and by the looks of things, it boils down to consumers adopting healthier and greener lifestyle choices. Here’s some interesting insights.

‘Clean Supreme’ is becoming the new global standard for clean and clear labelling. The demand for total transparency now incorporates the entire supply chain, as clean and green labels become more holistic.

And then we have what Innova refer to as ‘Disruptive Green’ as meat alternatives, plant based milks and vegan products are now moving into the mainstream. Consumers are looking for innovative options for embracing the benefits of plants into their daily lives.

They also speak about a ‘Sweeter Balance’ as sugar is coming under increased pressure, although it remains the key ingredient delivering the sweetness and great taste that consumers demand. The good news is though, many food producers are cutting the amount and offering ‘reduced sugar’ options as an alternative. Many sugars are hidden – that’s why it pays to read the label.

And our passion for world foods has led consumers of all ages to become more knowledgeable in a diverse range of culinary cultures, referred to as ‘Kitchen Symphony’. Healthy Thai, Indian and Mexican recipes, and restaurants are proving to be the most popular.

And paving the way for ‘Seeds of Change’ are healthy seeds such as Chia and Quinoa, attracting interest from more than just health-food enthusiasts.

Green: Ravenwood Linerless Labels

Packaging is the mechanism to communicate sustainability to consumers and as a result to ultimately change their behaviour. As the mantra goes, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recyle’ and by marketing products in an eco-friendly and creative way is helping consumers jump aboard the sustainability train.  Green labels are obviously the first steps in communication and Ravenwood’s linerless labels tick all boxes where sustainability is concerned. And it’s not only about sustainability – informing and engaging your target audience is crucial. Our labels provide brand owners with more space to speak to their customers – double the space in fact! Due to the peelable adhesive quality of the glue lines means that brand owners have the back of the label to feature tips on health, recipes, promotions, information on food safety and much more. Information displayed on your labels plays a big part in driving sales and so encouraging repeat purchase. Why not read our recent blog on ’10 Reasons to Choose Linerless Labels’. 

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