Ravenwood and its UK printers are set to welcome packaging specialists from many of the country’s top fruit and stone fruit packers to Ravenwood’s HQ in Suffolk. The latest Nobac 5000 machine variant; the Nobac 5000L Fruit Lid linerless applicator, will be on demo for showcasing both the machine’s functionality and the new Fruit Lid linerless label.

Machine demonstrations are to take place, spanning a two week period, beginning on Monday March 29th.

Food Grade Cardboard ‘Fruit Packs’ – The Future of Fruit Packaging

The 5000L machine has been designed and developed to apply food grade board ‘lids’ to cardboard trays. When combined, the fruit lid and tray form a complete ‘pack’ for the supply of fresh fruit and vegetable products. The labelling concept replaces the need for packers to use plastic flow wrap and single use plastic bags. Subsequently, the entire pack is highly sustainable and completely recyclable. And with no label liner, there’s no backing paper to landfill. This new fruit pack concept is generating much interest with fruit packaging technologists around the world, as we strive to tackle the climate crisis.

Nobac 5000L Fruit Linerless Applicator

The 5000L is extremely flexible, designed to run a wide range of tray sizes, most commonly found on supermarket shelves. Tray formats include 1×3 and 1×4, as well as 2×2 and 2×3. Switching between tray sizes is quick and easy. The time taken to replace the label reel is also much more rapid when comparing to changing a reel of film, on a flow wrapper.

For date and batch coding requirements, the 5000L uses a Viper TIJ. This information can be printed either on the side or on the top of the fruit lids. Pack speeds are around 60-65 per minute, depending on the size of the lid to be applied. Both adhesive and board material have been approved by Ravenwood. The fruit lid is 250gsm made from ‘Black Label fruit lid’ which is a food approved material available from Antalis. And the adhesive is Pressen 4301 food grade, also approved for direct contact with food.

The Complete Linerless Solution – ‘Circle of Linerless’

Ravenwood provides the complete linerless solution, referred to as the ‘Circle of Linerless’. Its linerless converting equipment, linerless applicators and vision pack inspection systems are all designed and manufactured in the UK – built to extremely rigid standards. Ravenwood also works with many leading material suppliers for developing the best substrates, adhesives and silicones for working in a consistent and quality driven manner. Crucial for smooth and fault-free application in the factory environment.

For further information on the Nobac 5000L visit the product page and you can also read the Iceland Foods case study. The frozen food giant, adopted Ravenwood’s Fruit Lid for trialling plastic free packaging across its range of conference pears. The trial proved to be a resounding success with further fruit projects in the pipeline.

NB: Ravenwood’s offices are COVID compliant, ensuring the safety of both its staff and visitors.



Nobac 5000L

The Nobac 5000L – Fruit Lid linerless applicator…


Nobac 5000L

Fruit Lid tray formats…

Nobac 5000L

Ravenwood’s new promotional linerless fruit lid label…

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