Ravenwood has expanded its machinery portfolio and is proud to announce the unveiling of two new linerless machines at this year’s Labelexpo Europe.

The two new innovations will feature alongside a Nobac 5000, Nobac Stacker and Com 500.


Nobac 1500

The Nobac 1500 is a cost effective linerless label applicator aimed at replacing standard self-adhesive top and (or) base labellers. The new machine applies labels across conventional MAP trays with no protrusion. Label weights range from 100 – 200gsm in both paper and plastic. There is also the option to link weigh price labellers with no need for compressed air. Choose as a standalone top labeller for integrating into existing conveyors or top and (or) base with an integral conveyor.

Prior to the release of the 1500, a full Nobac 5000 applicator would need to be purchased, capable of a diverse range of linerless label formats, to cover top and base label application. Subsequently, the tailored 1500 is a welcome addition to the 5000 family.

Nobac 40 Vac

The Nobac 40 Vac is a small linerless promo labeller and is the first of its kind, marking the beginning of a new era in linerless promo flash labelling. The new labeller is extremely cost efficient and outperforms other self-adhesive labellers in its class, providing retailers and packers with a more sustainable labelling solution. The Nobac 40 Vac works alongside Ravenwood’s Nobac 5000 range. Expect line speeds to reach a maximum of 40 metres per minute. Various mountings are available on request including a conventional beak apply system.


Nobac 5000

Since 2004, Ravenwood has steadily built up an impressive and diverse portfolio of Nobac 5000 applicators. Machine variants are designed for maximum flexibility and are dependent on product type and specification. These machines can sleeve fixed weight products as well as link to weigh-scales for variable weights.

Nobac Stacker

The Stacker is a linerless label cutting and stacking machine that offers the perfect solution for hand applying low volume linerless labels. The machine cuts and stacks labels in a ‘post-it note’ style format – up to 100 labels per minute. Labels are hand applied as and when required. The Stacker has been further enhanced since its launch in 2019 and now has the added benefit of coding –  opt for thermal transfer or ink jet. For those with low label runs looking for a cost-effective, entry level, manual linerless labelling machine, the Stacker is the perfect option.

Com 500 Coater

Ravenwood’s Com 500 Coater will also be ‘on demo’, on the life-sized video wall. It is the only coating system dedicated to running and delivering high quality Ravenwood linerless labels. Designed exclusively to the required specification for label application with Ravenwood’s Nobac 5000 machine range. The Coater produces linerless labels by adding glue and silicone lines to label reels. Labels are supplied in a range of weights and materials, including paper and polypropylene.


All Ravenwood machinery is built in the UK. This means that carbon emissions are kept to a minimum and is especially apparent where the Nobac 5000 linerless applicator is concerned. Over 90% of the machine’s weight is produced in the UK and all parts are machined on site at Ravenwood’s factory in Norwich or sourced within a 4-mile radius.

More and more brand owners are now switching to linerless. The main USP is that there is no release liner and subsequently, no waste. Unlike self-adhesive labels which feature backing paper, linerless avoids the need for liner disposal. Current methods include burying into landfill, costly recycling programmes and incineration. All come at a financial and environmental cost.

Ravenwood’s product portfolio and linerless materials are constantly evolving, and expanding to meet customer demand. The world of packaging and labelling is an ever mutating landscape. Subsequently, Ravenwood will rise to any packaging and labelling challenge. This ‘can do’ attitude ensures that Ravenwood and its technologies are at the forefront for driving creative, sustainable and cost effective linerless labelling solutions. This flexible approach ensures that their global network of printer partners and machinery distributors are fully equipped to meet the needs of their customers.


Labelexpo Europe is the largest packaging and label event in the world, attracting around 40,000 visitors from 140 countries. The very first show launched in London, in 1980 where it was staged for five years before moving to Brussels in 1985. Europe accounts for over a third of the world’s label consumption and has some of the highest per capita usage (up to 17m2 per person) of any of the developed markets. Much of the focus is on Eastern Europe, which is achieving growth rates of almost three times that of Western Europe.

Find Ravenwood on stand 6D05. For further information, contact marketing at Ravenwood on +44(0)1284 749144. Visit Labelexpo Europe>


Ravenwood operates and supplies its linerless technology across a global network of 24 printers and 38 machinery distributors, spanning 24 countries and six continents. Ravenwood is a world leader in linerless labelling and offers the complete linerless solution, known as the ‘Circle of Linerless’. Brand owners, food retailers, packers and producers can benefit from faultless linerless labels, a performance guarantee, fully approved sustainable materials, 24/7 support along with disaster recovery.

Labelexpo Europe 

Labelexpo Europe

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