Incorporating RF technology (radio frequency) into food packs can be instrumental in addressing the growing issue of supermarket food theft, which has become a major global concern. According to 67% of retailers, this increase is directly attributed to the cost of living crisis with theft against convenience stores soaring by 409% in the past year, reaching 5.6 million incidents, according to new ACS figures. Meat, alcohol and sweets are the most commonly stolen items.

What are the benefits of implementing RF technology?

As well as tackling food theft, utilising RF technology empowers supermarkets to unlock a myriad of benefits including:

Inventory Management: RF-enabled inventory management systems help retailers track the movement of merchandise within the store more efficiently. By accurately monitoring stock levels and merchandise flow, supermarkets can detect discrepancies more quickly, reducing the likelihood of internal theft and ensuring product availability for customers.

Customer Experience: A secure shopping environment enhances the overall experience for customers, making them feel safer and more comfortable while browsing and shopping. This positive experience encourages repeat visits and builds customer loyalty. 

Staff Safety: RF technology can contribute to staff safety by minimising confrontational situations with potential thieves. With effective theft prevention measures in place, staff members can focus on their duties without the added stress of security concerns.

What is the Ravenwood approved method for implementing RF technology into food packaging?

Ravenwood endorses just the one method that aligns perfectly with its linerless label technology. This tried and tested process does not compromise on label quality or performance, allowing production speeds to remain consistent.

Ravenwood suggests affixing the security tag onto either the base or the top of the tray prior to applying the linerless label over it. This procedure effectively hides the tag, unlike alternative methods which Ravenwood does not support with its linerless technology. Employing the Ravenwood method enables its Nobac range of machinery to maintain uninterrupted operation, achieving the same packing rate per minute.

Does Ravenwood supply machinery to apply RF tags?

Yes, Ravenwood supports and supplies the Trojan Security Base Labeller, which seamlessly integrates with any Nobac linerless applicator. The Trojan has set new standards in self-adhesive label applications and is an extremely small and cost-effective promotional applicator, utilising a state-of-the-art servo drive unit.

This Ravenwood proven product efficiently applies security labels to the base or top of food trays, allowing the linerless label to be smoothly placed over the top. Many applicators are installed across the globe actively protecting products from theft on supermarket shelves.

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It is clearly evident that utilising security tags has many benefits and is crucial for mitigating store losses resulting from pack theft. Ravenwood’s Nobac applicators, renowned in the industry, are pivotal for applying linerless labels – a standard practice in the meat sector. Ravenwood not only manufactures the applicators but also provides the coating systems for label production, ensuring optimal efficiency in pack house applications. All products undergo rigorous testing and approval processes, and are distributed via Ravenwood’s dedicated global machinery supplier and printer network.

For additional details regarding how RF technology can enhance your brand, along with further insights on the Trojan Security Base Labeller, including pricing and lead times, please get in touch on +44(0)1284 749144.

RF technology

RF technology


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