Ravenwood’s linerless Fruit Lid is fast becoming the label of choice for brand owners, retailers and packers for their fresh produce packaging.

The Fruit Lid when applied to a carton board tray, forms a complete pack for the supply of fresh fruit and vegetable products. The food grade packaging concept replaces the need for plastic flow wrap and single use plastic bags. Subsequently, the entire pack is highly sustainable and 100% kerbside recyclable. The new fruit pack concept is generating much interest with packaging technologists around the world.

During the last year, Ravenwood has supplied its Fruit Lid to many high profile retailers including Iceland, Waitrose and Ocado as well as tomato packer, Tomeco. The Fruit Lid has been applied to kiwis, apples, pears and tomatoes. Further Fruit Lid projects are in the pipeline.

Paul Beamish, Ravenwood’s Managing Director said: “Our linerless Fruit Lid can help brand owners tackle the problems associated with single use plastic. Across a global scale, we use a horrendous amount of this material in our daily lives. Plastic has got itself a really bad name but the problem stems from how we discard it. Fortunately, efforts are now in place to tackle this problem in creating a circular economy for this material.”

The Fruit Lid is applied by Ravenwood’s Nobac 5000L linerless applicator which is designed to run and apply labels to a wide range of carton board tray sizes. Date and batch coding requirements can also be added by purchasing and integrating a Viper TIJ. Average pack speeds are around 60-65 per minute, with a maximum speed of 70 ppm, depending on the size of the Fruit Lid, tray and products. All linerless projects, from label design concepts and tray style, right the way through to label application and launch, is handled collectively by Ravenwood and its network of printers and machinery distributors. Depending on where in the world you are located.

Ravenwood operates and supplies its linerless technology across 25 countries around the world with 21 printers and 38 machinery distributors. The packaging and labelling specialist supplies the complete linerless solution, known as the ‘Circle of Linerless’. Brand owners, retailers and packers can benefit from faultless linerless labels, a performance guarantee, fully approved sustainable materials, 24/7 support and disaster recovery.

The launch of the linerless Fruit Lid is well timed as France bans plastic packaging for all fruit and vegetables from January 2022. Following on from France, Spain is also preparing its new legislation to come into effect from 2023. As we are all too aware, plastic pollution is a global issue and despite efforts to suitably dispose of waste, every year thousands of tons of bottles, wraps and other plastics make their way into the environment and the oceans.

For further information on the Fruit Lid, and Ravenwood’s linerless technology, contact Natalie Bell on +44(0)1284 749144.

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