Ravenwood’s Skin Pack linerless labelling system boasts a multitude of benefits. In this article, we focus on the advantages of applying this type of label to VSP (vacuum skin pack) food packaging.

The Concept of VSP (vacuum skin pack)

Skin pack was borne from vacuum packaging which originated back to the 1940’s when the first industrial-grade vacuum sealing device was invented.  This innovative technology has emerged as one of the most practical ways of storing and preserving foods.

With VSP, the preheated film is applied and products are then sealed by way of the vacuum drawing out the oxygen. During this process, the film is pulled down and sealed around the flange of the tray. Unlike MAP (modified atmosphere pack) the film is drawn across the top of the tray. The oxygen is then evacuated, replacing it with a known gas mix. With VSP, products can benefit from extended freshness for an increased shelf life and consequently can be shipped long distance or take to the skies through various altitudes. So from a sustainability perspective, this makes for much reduced food and packaging waste.

Additional benefits include:

  • Attractive and clean presentation on shelf – even after transportation and handling
  • Secures food products in place – even ‘super-protruding’
  • Products can be displayed vertically
  • Minimises leaking of fluids
  • Easy opening options
  • Food punnets (used in MAP) are replaced with shallow trays

Linerless Labels & Skin Pack Benefits

By merging these two technologies means that we double up on the benefits. Ravenwood’s Skin Pack linerless labelling system can be applied to even the most ‘super-protruding’ of food packaging. Items such as roasting joints are particularly bulky so this type of label will make for improved application and adhesion. Applications include ‘landscape full wrap’,  ‘landscape full wrap protruding’ and ‘landscape full wrap super protruding’ – up to 100mm above the height of the tray. A major bonus is that the same tray can be used for a variety of products whether it be cuts of meat or fish. And what’s more, as fewer tray styles are required, they can be smaller which equals less packaging.

Application & Functionality

Our Skin Pack labels are applied by our Nobac 400v and 500 machines with Skin Pack labelling capabilities. But if you don’t want to splash out on a new machine then send us your existing 400 or 500 applicator and we’ll add the functionality to it.

Labelling in a Linerless Age

More attention is shifting to linerless labelling as producers and packers are realising the benefits that comes with simply eliminating the carrier paper. By choosing linerless for your skin pack packaging means that you’ll be privy to a multitude of benefits. Read our blog ’10 Reasons for Choosing Linerless Labels’ to fully enlighten yourself.

Our planet is experiencing instability across all continents. From rising sea levels, fluctuating temperatures and increased carbon dioxide to declining levels of arctic land and sea ice. These elements are the key triggers in how climate change is recorded and monitored. We should all strive to reduce what we can and offset what we can’t. Join the linerless revolution today…

Samples available upon request. Contact us on +44(0)1284 749144.

Beamovision – Skin Pack Linerless Labels

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