When Biodegradable Plastic does not Biodegrade

Biodegradable plastics were first introduced in the 1980s and are made from renewable raw materials and petrochemicals containing biodegradable additives which enhance biodegradation. Many people think terms like ‘bioplastic’, ‘biodegradable’, and ‘compostable’ mean

Ravenwood Launch New Linerless Stacker

Following its grand unveiling at the Ravenwood annual conference, the Nobac ‘Stacker’ is now officially launched, joining Ravenwood’s impressive line-up of linerless applicators. The Stacker suits many sectors and product

Stickem Invest in a Ravenwood Coater

French label printer, Stickem, has recently added Ravenwood’s linerless technology to its product portfolio after investing in a Com500 Coater. The company, based in Normandy, is now an officially approved

Edwards of Conwy Switch to Ravenwood Linerless Sleeves

THE CHALLENGE Meat producer, Edwards of Conwy wanted to speed up bacon label production and cut the costs associated with applying their old style cardboard sleeves. These particular sleeves were

Catapult Print Join Ravenwood’s Growing Network of Linerless Printers

US based print specialist, Catapult Print has invested in a Ravenwood Com500 Coater, adding linerless technology to its packaging and labelling facility in Orlando including associated distribution centres. Catapult decided

AI and Robots Increasing Food Industry Efficiency

Some find the technology overwhelming whilst others are embracing it. Can humans really coexist with robots? Should we be concerned? Are robots set to take over the world? To put it

Simon Howie Switches to Linerless

The Challenge Delivering a premium shelf-presence, award-winning butcher Simon Howie used printed cartonboard sleeves for their pre-packed retail lines. With hand application of sleeves, production speeds were limited to approximately

Is Your Food Packaging Design Hungry for Change?

Food packaging design is one of the last things considered when it comes to the marketing mix but probably the most important. After all, standing out on shelf is the

Granby Stand Out with Ravenwood Shaped Linerless Labels

Ravenwood assisted Granby in finding a solution to not only meet its needs but in doing so, created a totally new label concept in the ‘land of linerless’. A world-first in

Linerless Labels Fight War on Waste

Ravenwood is actively helping to reduce the packaging and labelling industry’s carbon footprint – linerless is paving a green path. Our linerless technology utilises paper and card which travels direct

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